The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - David Wroblewski I just finished this book and am depressed... depressed that it didn't end the way I thought and depressed by the ending itself! Perhaps tragedy only works in Shakespeare when you know what to expect. I wanted Edgar to save the day! Then I was still holding out hope on the next to last page that the dogs would run in and save Edgar. I am eternally holding out for the happy ending I guess.
That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the preceding 555 pages. I especially liked the character of Henry. I just wanted to pull up a chair at his card table and enjoy one of his brats from the grill. I was moved by how he secretly enjoyed having Edgar and the dogs stay with him. They filled a void in his life. Henry was definetely one of the bright spots of the novel.
I thought the writing was exceptional, especially how Edgar's lack of speech was used as a metaphor throughout the book. His handicap became his greatest gift, while his greatest handicap became his anger and resentment.