Then Again

Then Again - Diane Keaton There are few genuine people in Hollywood. I always felt that Diane Keaton was one of them. This book proves it. It's nothing if not honest. I may be biased in giving it 5 stars because I've always been a huge Diane Keaton fan. Is it the best written memoir? Perhaps not. But as Woody Allen would say- there is no "best" in art.

I admire the bravery for which she presents her insecurities and shortcomings. Annie Hall is my favorite movie. I thought she was brilliant and beautiful- still is- and I've always wanted to spend an afternoon with her. For her to have low self-esteem is unfathomable to me, but it just goes to show that nobody has the perfect life. Many of us struggle with the idea of perfection. This is just another woman's story of that struggle. She just happens to be famous.

The book is mostly intertwined with writings from her mother who kept an astonishing 85 journals, yet never wrote a memoir of her own even though she said she wanted to. Diane Keaton made this memoir for her mother too who sadly passed away of Alzheimer's. Her words evoke a sweet portrayal of a mother/daughter relationship despite the complications and imperfections.

Not a tell-all book, despite her relationships with film making royalty: Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, and Al Pacino. Again, a genuine person who's above that.

Also, she has a gorgeous library. Check it out: