Goodbye to Shame Removing the Mask

Goodbye to Shame Removing the Mask - Tina Bears I always find it remarkable when someone can open up their life, especially their deepest pain, to share with the world. It's such a brave and transparent thing to do. This book is no exception. Deeply personal and honest,it reads like my friend wrote me a letter. I read the book in one sitting. Though the subject matter may be heavy, I found the message incredibly inspiring. And even though I don't share the experience with Ms. Bears, I found I could relate to so many of her struggles, such as being a people pleaser.

I hope this book reaches those who are currently suffering in an abusive relationship and that it gives them the courage to get help. If you know someone like this, get them this book! I also think it would be a good read for teenage girls who are perhaps just beginning to date, to learn to pay attention to those warning signs.

And the cover is pretty too!