Conversations With Tom Petty

Conversations With Tom Petty - Tom Petty, Paul Zollo What first drew me to Tom Petty's music some 20 years ago was the poetic way he put lyrics together coupled with a unique yet always accessible musical sound. His music truly is the soundtrack to his fans' lives. I can hear one of his songs and think Oh, yeah, I listened to this a lot when I was going through.... whatever it may be. I've seen the TP and the Heartbreakers 5 times with my husband and have come away with fantastic memories of those evenings. I hope to have that chance again someday.

I was intrigued to learn about his writing process which he explains in the book that many times it's not a process at all- lyrics just come to him. Though I'm not a songwriter, his words inspire me for the other kinds of writing that I do. This was a pleasant surprise that I didn't anticipate when picking up the book. I also loved hearing TP tell the story about meeting his 2nd wife and the stories about his mother and grandmother. You can tell he has a genuine respect for women that is so often lacking with rock stars.

Refreshing in that the book isn't a tell-all, gossip-laden, poorly written work of drivel, but that's never been Petty's style anyway. This was a celebration of music and artists and the process, including the highs and the lows, in which one succeeds in mastering their artistic talents. And well written to boot!