Loving Frank

Loving Frank - Nancy Horan Nancy Horan has succeeded in spinning a tale based on the facts of Frank Lloyd Wright's notorious affair with Mamah Borthwick, the main character in Loving Frank. The story evokes strong emotions and the reader may come to loathe Ms. Borthwick, especially if said reader happens to be a mother. The writing is superb. Which proves that for literature to work you don't necessarily have to like the characters. I find the most engaging novels to be the ones that I know the characters will long stay with me. As Mamah Borthwick will certainly be . Her life can be used as a lesson for the rest of us.

I found it interesting that she didn't believe in women's intuition- she thought it was just another demeaning way to say that women didn't use all of their brains- yet in the end, her intuition could have saved her.