Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer A writer named Jonathan from Brooklyn. Well, then of course it's a literary masterpiece. From an artistic point of view I can respect this work, much in the same way I can respect a Picasso painting. But I'm more emotionally drawn to the Impressionists. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close contains many elements of a Picasso painting: things are disjointed here, something is out of place there, there seems to be a lot of chaos over here, yet somehow when you take it all in at once, the big picture emerges. It's a collage of lives traumatized by loss. And aren't we all suffering in one way or another? Art representing life, yes, Success!

Except I wasn't grabbed emotionally by this book. I marvel at the readers who shed tears. I'm jealous! I'm a crier! I remember the books that made me cry. And there was so much potential here. So much! Sept. 11. Dresden. Emotionally unavailable mother. School bullies.

But I guess that's what's so wonderful about art. It's not independent of the beholder's perspective.