Atonement - Ian McEwan Loved it, hated it. Super confused.

Pages 1-125: 2 stars, beautiful writing, but took soooo long to get to the point. If you're not a fan of Jane Austen or long, descriptive passages, hang in there, it gets better.

Pages 125-175: 3 stars, FINALLY! The meat of the story, what the whole thing is about.

Pages 179-250 (Part 2): 5 stars, gripping, more contemporary writing. A break from the insipid Briony character, even her name rubs me the wrong way.

*very slight spoiler alert* (no specifics)

Pages 253-330 (Part 3): 3 stars, Briony's back. Is this the atonement part? You think so, until....

Pages 333-351 (The ending): 2 stars. I read this part twice. I feel used. And empty. Is atonement that there is no atonement? There can never be atonement? Like Sartre's "Hell is other people."

If nothing else, Ian McEwan knows how to put a sentence together. A brilliant writer.