1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die - Peter Boxall I agree with some of the others that while this is a fun book to flip through it should be by no means be taken seriously as the definitive list of what you should read and I doubt this is what the editor had in mind. Actually if you read the introduction to the book he talks about this. He says, "It is a list that is anmiated by the spirit of the novel, by a love for what the novel is and does, but which nevertheless does not hope or aim to capture it, to sum it up, or put it to bed." You can look at each of these books on the list as a snapshot of an example of 'the novel'.
I have no intention or desire to read all of these books, but there are some I've added to my to-read shelf. And of course we all have our opinions about books that have been left out. The Good Earth? not there. Anyway, check it out from the library and have fun with it.