The Legend of Vinny Whiskers

The Legend of Vinny Whiskers - Gregory Kemp Being released today is a new book for tweens by Gregory Kemp titled The Legend of Vinny Whiskers. It follows the adventures of Boomerang Lookout, a prairie dog who just doesn't seem to fit in among the other prairie dogs in "the ward". Part of the problem is that he's named after an infamous prairie dog, one of the "lost six" who escaped the ward never to return. When Boomer decides to venture out of the ward himself he comes face to face with dangers and truths about himself and his home that he never anticipated. There is a long-standing feud between the Alignment of the Wee, a group of small animals who have banded together in hopes of one day regaining the control of "the tubes", and the rats, who took over the tubes years earlier led by Vinny Whiskers who opened the tubes to the sewer rats.

The Legend of Vinny Whiskers is a hilarious romp into the lives of these small creatures. It raises the question of the true meaning of freedom and how much one is willing to risk in the search for truth. Never short on adventure, kids will love reading about Boomer and the friends (and enemies) he meets along the way. There's even a shocking twist. Depending on reading level, I would recommend this book for ages 9-12. It's 243 pages and very well written.

The book can be purchased at Amazon or Webook. This is the first work of fiction published by Webook, an on-line social collaboration site for writers. The book was voted #1 on the site by Webook readers. This a great opportunity for aspiring writers. They liken themselves to American Idol for writers, but on a more modest scale of course. Gregory Kemp was involved with another Webook project, 101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do.

I would recommend this book to your tween for some fun summer reading. I kept thinking too that this story would make a great movie for kids. I was picturing the animation coming to life while I was reading.