French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure

French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure - Mireille Guiliano This eating philosophy is quite similar to that of Bob Greene and Dr. Phil, enjoy your food, in moderation, get moving, don't "diet", but change your lifestyle and the way you think about food and eating, make it an experience, don't scarf down your dinner at the kitchen sink and never eat in front of the tv. The French haven't cornered the market on most of the things she discusses in this book. America used to live this way before we tripled our portion size, got too busy to cook, invented the TV dinner, and built communities based on the idea of driving everywhere rather than walking.

I did love her description of the French market and I envied it. She compared the experience of grocery shopping in France to shopping in New York City, which is still not the same as grocery shopping in the Midwest. So a lot of her suggestions are unfortunately not practical. Believe me, I wish we could get rid of the Wal-mart Supercenter and I could walk to the outdoor market every other day to get my super-fresh ingredients to make my dinner. I would challenge her to come here and go grocery shopping with me. (Forget about buying fish, unless you want fresh-frozen Tilapia from China- ew) Okay, once in a while I can get Alaskan salmon.

I completely agreed with her about the chapter on water. Even if you think you're drinking enough water, you're probably not. She motivated me to drink more and more. (excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom).
And I was glad to see that like me, she's a big yogurt fan. I also liked the French philosophy on wine. I thought it was a much healthier view of drinking than a lot of Americans have.

I have to disagree about the going to the gym part. We Americans have to go to the gym because it's not feasible for us to walk everywhere we need to go. French women don't like to sweat- well who does, but there is something satisfying to putting in a good workout at the gym, and you end up having more energy and sleep better. I think one's own exercise routine is a combination of personal preference and what fits best into your lifestyle.

All in all, this was a fun read compared to other "diet" books. And the title is quite true, so there are some motivating suggestions to be gleaned from the book. Especially when she talks about how as we age, we need to re-evaluate our eating habits and she breaks it down into age groups. I think to truly embrace all of her suggestions though, you'd have to move to France, which after reading about some of her descriptions I'm seriously considering.