Food Rules: An Eater's Manual

Food Rules: An Eater's Manual - Michael Pollan Nothing new or particularly earth-shattering in this book, unless you really are unaware that you shouldn't eat processed food. However, what this simple, straight-forward book does do is inspire us to take back control of our eating habits and stop turning over that control to the corporations who mass-produce our food, or I should say edible food-like substances. If every American adopted just one rule from this book, perhaps it would start to change things. I would particularly like to see the high fructose corn syrup removed from foods that just don't need it, especially foods designed for kids, like yogurt and applesauce. I was surprised to learn just how much meat our society consumes. I guess since I don't eat meat every day, I just assumed others didn't either, but apparently I'm in the minority and I think I'm going to cut back even more now. What is refreshing about Michael Pollan is that he doesn't say this is an all or nothing deal and that these rules, if they aren't for you, shouldn't be followed obsessively. He just wants us to be aware of where our food is coming from and make an informed decision for ourselves.